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aztalan fort
Aztalan is one of the most important archeological sites in Wisconsin, representing a complex life-style rarely found in the Great Lakes region: a unique blend of native and exotic cultures. Information about the site was first published in 1836, and since then the ruins have attracted considerable public and scientific interest. Archeological excavations continue to uncover valuable information about Aztalan's daily life.
Fort Ligonier was built in September 1758 and was first called Loyalhanna.  British General John Forbes needed a staging area and supply depot for his planned attack on the French at Fort Duquesne and this site was only about 50 miles from Fort Duquesne.
Fort McHenry, Maryland
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. The Star Spangled Banner was composed offshore by Francis Scott Key while the British were bombarding the fort.
Here at Fort Necessity National Battlefield, July 3rd 1754, Lieutenant colonel George Washington fought his first battle which marked the beginning of the French and Indian War in America and started the Seven Years War in Europe. "A cannon shot fired in the woods of America." Said Voltaire, "Was the signal that set all Europe in a blaze."
Fort Washington Park is the site of the first permanent fort constructed between 1814-1824 to guard the Potomac River approach to our Nation's Capital. Today, the park offers many Recreational opportunities and programs. Explore the historic sites and enjoy the natural areas of this 341-acre reserve.


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