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Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close to the White House

Storage Lockers in Washington DC, CloseIf you are going to the White House, there are no cameras, purses or virtually anything other than a wallet allowed for White House Tours. (Yes, you can't take a camera into the White House but I saw lots of people taking pictures of each other, at the exit from the White house tour, right where the large "lantern" light hangs down. They did it with their cell phones that can take pictures. Nobody said anything to them.) Take the Metro to the Federal Triangle, Woodrow Wilson Plaza. The Museum of Natural History and The Museum of American History have storage lockers for only 25 cents but they are only for Museum patrons. So, do not plan on leaving your personal items there if you are not actually visiting the Museum. Apparently some people have wanted to store their suitcases there while they did their sight seeing of Washington D.C. This is definitely NOT allowed. Please know that those lockers are for the use of those museums’ visitors only, and they cannot accommodate the storage of bags for those who may wish to visit elsewhere; it is considered a security risk.

We have gone to the White House three times now on three separate trips to Washington D.C. (There is just so much to see there and most of it is free. We have spent a week there each time, touring the city and surrounding area and there is still enough left for us to go back again for a fourth week, in the future.) The fist time we went to the White House we took a cab: "Driver, take me to the White House." The second time, we took the Metro. The Metro is much cheaper. Yes, it is a little bit of walking but, all in all, its not that bad. The Metro lets you out too close to take a cab and too much screwing around to take a bus. Might as well just walk it. There are also lockers at the Union Station. The Storage Lockers at Union Station cost $2.00 an hour for small bags and $5.00 an hour for a suitcase as of 2008. Stay away from Admiral Farragut Park. It is crawling with vagrants. I was verbally assaulted there because I took a picture of the statue of Admiral Farragut. A homeless person thought I was taking a picture of him ( he was in the picture but it was no close-up and I must have been 50 yards away from him and the statue, and ran me down and single and then double cursed me. There are so many vagrants populating this park that it is virually impossible to take ANY picture without having three or more in the picture. Just the way it is. They must have a deal with the police to be able to go here but stay out of Lafayette Square, directly across from the White House.


washington DC storage lockers

The lockers are not very big, about high-school style lockers that would hold a purse or camera bag or a backpack.
These lockers are not big enough so that you are not going to get even a small suitcase to fit inside. These are not Luggage Lockers. They are for small items only. Please note that these storage lockers are only 25 cents but they are only for Museum patrons. So, do not plan on leaving your personal items there if you are not actually visiting the Museum.


The newly reopened and remodeled Museum of American History has some beautiful storage lockers right near the entrance of the building. These are much newer and numerous than the lockers at the Natural History Museum. When we were there, the locker room was virtually unused except for us. There has to be over a couple hundred lockers and they are FREE! You have to put a quarter in to get a key out but when you come back and put the key back in, you get your quarter back. Once again we stress that but these lockers are only for Museum patrons. If you need to find storage lockers for Washington DC that are not at any of the Smithsonian Museums, you are virtually out of luck. And Washington DC, because of the various restrictions on what you can bring into various tourist attractions, such as the White House, needs more storage lockers so tourists can visit the White House and not have to leave virtually everything, including cameras, in their hotel rooms.

Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close to the White House

The Smithsonian Museum has become quite upset with us, in the past, for posting information regarding their Storage Lockers because some people want to store their items in the lockers while they are visiting other attractions in Washington DC. We provide this information as a public service for interested people who may be touring Washington DC and the Smithsonian Museums. Although there is virtually no way for anyone in the museum to keep track of who is using the lockers and walking out to visit other attractions, we urge visitors and tourists to not abuse the great service that these lockers and the Smithsonian Museums provide. People should not be leaving their cameras and purses here while visiting the White House. Leave these items at your hotel and leave the lockers empty and unused. It will probably only take you a couple hours, after your White House Tour, to take public transportation back to your hotel, retrieve your camera and purse and return back to the Mall area.

Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close to the White

Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close

Storage Lockers in Washington DC











The Museum is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

These lockers are an amenity provided on a first come, first served basis for visitors of this Museum. Please do not leave your belongings in these lockers as you visit other museums.

Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close to the White House
Storage Lockers in Washington DC, Close to the White House


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