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Toronto Ontario ETR Tourist Trap

Ontario is so proud of their 407 ETR but let the tourist beware. This is the world's first all-electronic open access toll highway which extends 108 kilometres east-west, just north of Toronto. Once you get on this highway, they have you trapped. You think you are getting on a Toll Road. It is a toll road but there is no way to pay at at toll booth. But don't worry, they will send you a bill. We were on a three week tour of the North Eastern USA, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachussettes. Hard to find a road through those states that is NOT a toll road. But, you know what? They let you pay the tolls as you drive. This tourist trap in Toronto does not give you that opportunity. They "read" your license plates and will send you a bill long after you are gone. If you have a rental car, as in our case, they will bill your car rental company and the car rental company will charge your credit card. We probably traveled about five to ten miles on the 407 ETR and we were billed a total of $21.61. Toll fees were $11.61 and Administration Fee was $10.

So, after spending hundreds of dollars on US tollways, what is the big deal about the Toronto 409 ETR tourist trap? There is no warning that you are NOT going to be able to stop at a toll booth and pay. You are just supposed to KNOW this. And if you don't know it, well, tough. The Toronto Ontario 409 ETR welcomes your donations even if you would not have driven on their 409 ETR if you had known what was going on.



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